Aman Techlab is a division of a group of business and social ventures, presently catering to IT and HR requirements of the group. In future, we shall also offer our services in the open market. The division is newly established and team members are being aggressively recruited.

Launched as a cab-aggregator in Dec’15, the predatory pricing by Ola-Uber forced us to suspend operations in May’16. The opportunity for relaunch arose in Dec’16 when their own drivers were agitated and went on strikes all over India. Instead of relaunching, our founder-CEO together with several drivers conceived “Sewa Cab” (see below). Magic Sewa forms the backend of Sewa Cab and handles everything including tech, customer service, operations, marketing, etc.

It is an initiative owned by the drivers through Chaalak Shakti, a union. While Uber-Ola charge in excess of Rs.15,000 per month per driver, the low cost model of Sewa Cab is viable at only Rs.700. We expect 80-90% drivers across all metros to be part of Sewa Cab by 2017 end.

Sensing that all drivers’ unions in India are weak, Chaalak Shakti was created in Oct’2016 in consultation with Delhi’s cab drivers. It will be built into a 90 lakh strong pan-India union of drivers of all types of vehicles by the end of 2018. We believe in free markets and encourage members to compete on merits. One unique feature of the union is its membership App. In order to enroll, communicate with and help member-drivers, the union has created an Android App which is being constantly worked upon.

Ginie will provide hardware and software technical support to North American consumers. Small outfits providing such services abound in India but most of them adopt dubious and fraudulent methods out of ignorance and bring bad name to the country. Ginie, upon launch in May 2017, shall bring together such aspiring minds and guide them to an honest career progression.

Agile Mode designs, manufactures and e-sells fast fashion western women's wear catering to young women in the 16-24 age-group. Vying for the position of fastest growing apparel brand and apparel manufacturer in India, the company is creating an IT-enabled platform for designers and manufacturers and will offer products in the market on a co-branding model.

Rakesh AgarwalRAKESH AGARWAL is the main founder of all ventures. He has extensive business and social (NGO) experience, deep transport sector knowledge and related laws, and is counted as part of the drivers’ family. He is well known amongst social activists and is also politically active. A person of his optimism, diehard spirit, vision and breadth of skills is hard to come by. Working with him is both enormously challenging and supremely rewarding.


BEING A NEW TEAM, we are looking for members who can work unsupervised and possess minimum one year experience across various domains of mobile and web technologies. You will have ample opportunities to enhance and build a well-rounded set of skills. We look for members who are ambitious and willing to take short term risks for long term rewards. Write to us at if you think you belong to the top 2% bracket in your domain of work. Do not forget to include the following in your C.V.

  • Current location – Area and City
  • Current remuneration.
  • Expected remuneration.
  • Reason for leaving current employment, if any.
  • Notice period required to be served
  • A photo separately or as part of your CV.


Aman Techlab

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